Comprehensive anti-corrosion protection for steel constructions and technological equipment

Proficolor s.r.o.

Proficolor is your partner in the area of corrosion protection. We can document the quality of our coating materials and our experience at applying them by presenting company certificates firem JOTUN, HEMPEL, AVENARIUS, AMERON, SIGMA, INTERNATIONAL, DERISOL, NOXYDE, CARBOLINE a PLASITE.
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www.proficolor.czMethod of performance of work

Method of performance of work

clanky/kabelove-bubnyIn performing its work, Proficolor s.r.o. complies with the provisions of valid norms. For blasting, it mainly complies with ČSN ISO 8501 and for application of coating it complies with ČSN ISO 12944.

Surface treatment by blasting is performed by the dry blasting of the metal’s surface with pressurized air and a dry abrasive. The type of abrasive used is always recommended in accordance with the specific nature of the job and the requirements for cleanliness and roughness of the surface. For blasting in a fixed or mobile blasting unit, sharp edged steel filings are used as an abrasive, and various kinds of cinders or dried silicon sand are used for blasting of structures.

Surface treatment by mechanical cleaning is performed using mechanical tools like brushes, rust chisels, grinders and grinding paper. Mechanical cleaning is performed where blasting of a surface is not possible or if a steel structure does not require a long service life coating.

clanky/most-02Coating material is sprayed using LARIUS – NOVA GRACO-KING and WAGNER high pressure spraying equipment.

The offering of corrosion protection includes hot dip metallization using materials in accordance with the customer’s requirements (zinc, aluminum or ZINACOR 850 Zn and Al mixture).

Proficolor also provides complete realization of fireproof costing of steel structures.