Comprehensive anti-corrosion protection for steel constructions and technological equipment

Proficolor s.r.o.

Proficolor is your partner in the area of corrosion protection. We can document the quality of our coating materials and our experience at applying them by presenting company certificates firem JOTUN, HEMPEL, AVENARIUS, AMERON, SIGMA, INTERNATIONAL, DERISOL, NOXYDE, CARBOLINE a PLASITE.
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The firm Proficolor, s.r.o. operates in the field of implementing anti.-corrosion protection of steel constructions and technological equipment. In its activities it relies on a significant number of employees trained in the field of painting and employees with many years of experience in the field of painting. In addition to carrying out painting work itself, the firm also prepares plans for painting systems according to the specitication conditions of the customer.